Childbirth Education Overview


I am currently a Childbirth Educator through ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators). I offer independent childbirth classes specializing in natural childbirth.

The ultimate goal of my natural childbirth classes, however, is to stimulate thoughtful discussion and to encourage you to research and become prepared for your birth, regardless of what decisions you and your partner make.  

Why should I choose an independent childbirth class?

  1. Perfect for couples birthing in any setting.
  2. Encourages informed consent by making you aware of your options.
  3. Utilizes the helpful components of all of the birthing methods (Lamaze, Bradley, etc.) because there is NO PERFECT METHOD for everyone.
  4. Smaller class sizes which means having a more intimate atmosphere and discussions tailored specifically to the couple(s).
  5. Private classes are available. We can work around the schedules that won't allow for taking the typical once a week evening class. Private classes also address the issues relevant to the couple and give the couple an opportunity to ask questions without inhibitions.

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Other Classes Available

Ciients of LLB are free;  non clients pay a nominal fee of $5 per class.


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Intro to Cloth Diapering

Intro to Babywearing

Intro to Car Seat Safety