Kind words from past clients

I am humbled by the words sent in from past clients and pleased to share them with you today.


"We really appreciate how Kristen does her best to help you have the birth that you want.  I felt that my opinions and wishes were listened to and respected.  I was very happy with the quality of care that I received and would definitely recommend Kristen as a midwife."  -  Laura, Eagle Rock, VA

"Through our prenatal and birth experience with Kristen, several notable things stood out to our family! There was a marked level of professionalism that we appreciated with each of her services whether phone calls or appointments. Another quality is that she gives very focused care whether minor or emergent situations that we dealt with along the way. Finally, these two characteristics along with numerous others made it clear to us how much Kristen *loves* what she does! That made me feel safe and advocated for because this isn't just a job for her; it is very evident after being under her care that being a midwife is what God has gifted her to do! Life's Little Blessings was a definite avenue of blessing for our now family of four!" - Morgan, Roanoke, VA

"Eternally grateful for the services Kristen has provided my husband and I throughout 2 pregnancies. We love that we have a midwife that believes in the normalcy of birth, who treats us as parents, not patients, with wonderful care and support!" - Heather, Rocky Mount, VA

"Kristen is a great midwife.  She does her best to keep mom as healthy as she can and does a very professional job during birth that exceeds all fear or anxiety for "Mom".  Kristen takes the best care of every situation she's met with, Mom or baby.  We are in good hands.  We are a blessed family to have her take care of our pregnancy."  - Nicole, Salem, VA

"During my son's delivery, she was calm and in control and was excellent in coaching me on the timing and intensity of my pushing in hopes of achieving the best outcome and least amount of injury. She was quick in assessing me immediately following delivery and didn't hesitate to address my more than ideal loss of blood, treating me swiftly and effectively. She also took delicate care in assessing my son, and while always professional, seemed as happy and loving in greeting our new arrival with as much feeling as any of our family and friends.  Our postnatal care was just as special. Her home visits in the few days after birth were convenient and put me at ease in knowing that my son and I were both being well cared for." - Hollie, Roanoke, VA.

"Kristen was AMAZING during my whole pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  I love her laid back approach.  My husband and I felt so comfortable with her throughout the entire experience.  I pray she can be with me for all future pregnancies."  - Brittany, New Castle, VA

"Kristen was very thorough and supportive in her care for me throughout my pregnancy.  I never felt rushed or stupid for asking so many questions.  She was always available to calm any concerns I had during pregnancy and postpartum.  Her care and support during the birth were invaluable and I was very much able to have the birth experience I wanted.  I would certainly hope to return to her care for any future pregnancies."  - Lisette, Fincastle, VA

 "Care is always above and beyond.  Not only professional but I consider Kristen a friend now so her care and support is even more appreciated.  I feel like I can talk to her about any part of pregnancy and care after."  - Shari, Roanoke, VA